The Stooks - Photo courtesy of Mark Gagliani
The Stooks
Victoria, British Columbia
1977 - 1980


Lou Barone ~ Backing Vocals
David Bradshaw ~ Rythem Guitar
Mark Gagliani ~ Drums
Lou Pagnotta ~ Bass
Paul Rowe ~ Lead guitar
Fred Schmidt ~ Lead Vocals

The Stooks - Photos courtesy of Mark Gagliani
The Stooks formed early in 1977, influenced by the AOR bands of the period such as Led Zeppelin, Ted Nugent, The Stones and Bad Company.

Original material such as "I love my Stooks" with it's crazy anthem lyrics and antics fronted by lead vocalist/funnyman Luigi Barone was an underground hit on the High school/college circuit.

By 1979 and the emergence and influence of punk and new wave can be heard on "Killer Deer".

A rare live master recording of this period titled " Stooks Live...Who Ate My Stooks" was stolen from Lead guitarist Dave Bradshaw during a late 1980 reunion/ski trip.

Rival bands of that time notably The David Reimer Band, Blue Mist, Cherry White and Diamond Haze all courted Dave Bradshaw's school chum and guitar aficionado Paul Rowe into jumping ship.

The bond and chemistry of the original Stooks line-up was much too strong for any one member to audition other bands.

In closing Fred Schmidt said best...." I love you guys……we have better stooks”.

Mark Gagliani, February 2007

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