Strings of Hope
Steve Bonar,  Nick Klassen, Gladys Harter, Leo Harter, Tom Reed
Strings of Hope
Abbotsford, British Columbia
1979 - Present


Steve Bonar ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gladys Harter ~ Pedal Steel
Glen Harter ~ Drums
Leo Harter ~ Bass, Vocals
Nick Klassen ~ Lead Guitar, Fiddle, Vocals
Tom Reed ~ Blues Harp


James Bonar ~ Sound Tech


John Nelems ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jack Smith ~ Drums

Leo, Nick, Gladys, Tom & Steve - Strings of Hope at home relaxing and practicing.

Leo Harter, Bass and singer, is a 22 year veteran with the band and plays an original Fender Jazz Bass.  Leo is formerly of the Crusaders and The Gospel Strings

Nick Klassen, the group leader and Lead Guitar and singer plays an original Gibson ES355 and is a former long term member of a group out of Abbotsford BC, Canada called the Blue Boys.

Jack Smith, the drummer is the latest in a long string of drummers.

Gladys Harter the Pedal steel player has been with the group for 10 years.

Steve Bonar, Singer and Rhythm Guitar with the strings for 6 years formerly Bass for the Kumalani Praise Band, Maui HI, Also Bass for Hoike, of Maui HI, and former Rhythm Guitar and singer for the Viscounts, the Mysterians and others.

John Nelems, Keyboard and sometimes singer is with the group off and on as required  for the last 12 years, also former member of other groups.

Nick Klassen the groups leader is owner of a local music store in Abbotsford, BC. He started the Strings of Hope somewhere in the later part of the 70's.

The group started as a Prison Ministry band playing country Gospel music and as the popularity spread they were asked into other prisons and missions and weddings and misc. functions. With over two thousand performances under their belt since it started some of them are getting tired but still vow to be carried off the stage in a pine box.

Steve Bonar, November 2004

Our Sound Technician - James Bonar
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Viscounts, The Mysterians, and many others NW bands.

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Last Update: 10 March 2008
Credits:  Steve Bonar
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