Spokane, Washington
1977 - 1984


Dan Breedlove ~ Guitar, Vocals
Matt Hines ~ Drums, Vocals
Dave Ingersole ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bryiant McKenley ~ Bass, Vocals
Chuck Sahagian ~ Keyboards, Saxophone, Vocals
Steve Simpson ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Gerry ? ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

SunRay consisting of Bryiant McKenley with alternating players like Steve Simpson, Dave Ingersole, Gerry, Chuck Sahagian who played keyboards, sax and sang.  There were too many players to name and quite frankly I have forgotten most of their names.  SunRay (1977 through 1984) played the Stockyards near what was then the stock yards and also played at Stock Yards North and the Coral.  I guess there are just to many places to list but we had some great times.  SunRay was together for over seven years and enjoyed alot of good nights at the Spokane Club and every room at the Davenport Hotel and the Rid Path.  The Davenport was hell to to load into if you were going to the rooms on the mezzanine.  The equipment had to be loaded from the street elevator that came up from the side walk. The equipment was then loaded on the street elevator and down where the it was pushed (blood sweat and tears) to the elevator that just happened to come up in the kitchen of all places. They hated us totally when the doors opened and the busy people saw us, but we did what we had to do. At least at the Rid Path we could come in through the front door.

Matt Hines, May 2007

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Last Update:  3 June 2007
Credits:   Matt Hines
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