Don, Jan and Larry
Don McCourt and the Super Sounds
Olympia, Washington
1970 - 1981


Darryl Riffero ~ Guitar
Don McCourt ~ Organ
Mel Pratt ~ Bass
Larry Steffler  ~ Drums
Jan Stetz ~ Vocals
Gary Tobin ~ Drums

Another popular night club band in the 70s was Don McCourt and the Super Sounds. We were always a trio.  Don was on organ, Larry Steffler on drums and Jan Stetz - vocals. There were other vocalists whos names I can't recall. We played standards, jazz, funk pop 40. Mel Pratt played bass for a short time.

Larry Steffler, November 2003

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Last Update: 18 March 2011
Credits:  Larry Steffler, Darryl Riffero
Band # 1382