Thrust - Photo courtesy of Robin Mitchell
Christopher Kimball, Robin Mitchell, Jeff Coult, Jeff Andersen
Centralia, Washington
1974 - 1978


Jeff Andersen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Coult ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Christopher Kimball ~ Drums, Vocals
Robin Mitchell ~ Bass, Keyboards

Thrust - Photo courtesy of Robin Mitchell

"Thrust" Robin Mitchell on bass and keyboards, Jeff Andersen on guitar and vocals, Jeff Coult on lead guitar, and Christopher Kimball on drums.  Thrust was started in Centralia, WA in 1974, while we were all high school students there. The high school dance circuit was very active at the time, and that constituted the bulk of our venues throughout Western Washington.  Thrust continued until 1978, when various members moved on to start families, college, etc.

Robin Mitchell, December 2005

I was an enthusiastic fan of the band thrust and believe that the LEAD guitarist deserves more description and credit.  He did SING, he DANCED, he played killer lead licks, and in fact, he was my sole reason for attending your shows.  In fact, I can’t think of a full band performance that I did not attend.  I am his biggest fan…

Jeff Coult, January 2007

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Last Update:  10 January 2007
Credits: Robin MItchell, Jeff Coult
Band # 1858