Tim Turner Band - Photo Shamelessly borrowed from the Tim Turner Website
The Tim Turner Band
Seattle, Washington
1995 ~ Present


Current Lineup

Tim Turner ~ Lead Guitar and Vocals
Jeff Kathan ~ Drums
Justin Kausal-Hayes ~ Guitar, Vocals
Joe "JoJo" Rodia ~ Bass


Micah Chappell ~ Drums
Richard Evans ~ Bass Guitar, Percussion
Michael Kahler ~ Vocals and Rhythm/Lead Guitar
Lissa Ramaglia ~ Bass
Ken Rich ~ Drums, Vocals
Hank Yanda ~ Bass

Michael, Micah, Lissa, Tim

Photo courtesy of Courtesy of Richard Evans

The Band

Formed in Seattle in 1995, the Tim Turner Band is 'rocking' the Blues scene in the Great Pacific Northwest.  This great blues band has its roots deeply entrenched in the earlier days of Pacific Northwest Rock and Roll.  Tim Turner Band members grew up in such bands as Child,Cheringo, Good Blessing,Home Cookin', Choice, Tennis Shoe Review, and 3-D.

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Tim Turner

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Credits: Tim Turner Band, Richard Evans, Blues Boss
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