Johnny & The Velvetones - Image courtesy of Jon Reese
Johnny and Joe
 Dino, Frankie and Dominick

Johnny & The Velvetones
Moses Lake, Washington
1962 - 1964


Ronald Dilena ~ Bass
Frankie Eng ~ Drums
Dominick Raucci, Jr ~ Lead Guitar
Jon Reese ~ Vocals
Joe Sanchez ~ Saxophone
Lloyd Welchel ~ Guitar (founder)


Lloyd Cunningham ~ Manager

I am Jon Reese, I formed the group in 62 in Moses Lake Washington.  Songs were written by Dom and Me.  I am from Trenton, New Jersey; Joe is from San Jose, California; Dominick is from Brooklyn NY; Dino is from Garden Grove, California; and Frankie Eng is from Moses Lake, Washington.

Jon Reese, December 2007

All the band members were in the U.S. Air Force, stationed at Larson Air Force Base, Moses Lake, Washington in January 1962.  Lloyd Welchel started the band by putting up flyers in the Airmen’s Club, looking for other airmen that wanted to play in a band.  Lloyd was the founder of the band, but had to leave the band when he was re-assigned to Klammath Falls, Oregon.

Jon Reese was one of the first to respond to Lloyd’s flyers, and became the lead singer.  Dominick Raucci, Jr. (lead guitarist) created the majority of their original songs, which were almost all instrumentals, with one exception.  Jon created a song called "I'm Coming Home,” which was a #1 hit record in Boise, Idaho for six months.  It was a vocal piece that even I appreciated very much. Maybe because, we were all in the military at the time, and couldn't wait to get home. - Joe Sanchez, assisted by Jerry Emanuel (roommate of Lloyd Welchel. who later became an attorney in San Jose, CA).

Eric Predoehl (of, & Joe Sanchez, August 2016

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Full Stop Ahead

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Credits: Alec Palao, Don Rogers, Darryl Riffero, Carmen Payne, Jon Reese, Eric Predoehl, Joe Sanchez

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