Johnny & The Velvetones - Image courtesy of Jon Reese
Johnny and Joe
 Dino, Frankie and Dominick

Johnny & The Velvetones
Moses Lake, Washington
1962 - 1964


Ronald Dilena ~ Bass
Frankie Eng ~ Drums
Dominick Raucci, Jr ~ Lead Guitar
Jon Reese ~ Vocals
Joe Sanchez ~ Saxophone

Lloyd Cunningham ~ Manager

I am Jon Reese, I formed the group in 62 in Moses Lake Washington.  Songs were written by Dom and Me.  I am from Trenton, New Jersey; Joe is from San Jose, California; Dominick is from Brooklyn NY; Dino is from Garden Grove, California; and Frankie Eng is from Moses Lake, Washington.

Jon Reese, December 2007

Sound Clips

Full Stop Ahead

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Last Update:  25 December 2007
Credits: Alec Palao, Don Rogers, Darryl Riffero, Carmen Payne, Jon Reese

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