The Warloks - Photo courtesy of David Koski
The Warloks
Tigard, Oregon
1965 - 1968


Ken Allen ~ Keyboards, Vocals (68)
Steve Arelle ~ Drums, Vocals (68)
Jon Kiski ~ Drums (65-67)
Bob Koski ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Koski ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jerry Noyes ~ Bass, Vocals
Marty Stites ~ Vocals


David Koski ~ Band Boy

In Memory of

Bob Koski
Jerry Noyes
Marty Stites

Jerry Noyes died in 2005.  His last band was Seymour.

Nan Devlin, December 2007

Marty Stites, lead singer for Portland bands The Warloks and later River, passed away the morning of April 21, 2011 after a long battle with bone cancer.  Possessed of irrepressible positive attitude and boundless energy he will be sorely missed. The Portland music scene was a much brighter place and blessed by Marty’s presence.  God speed Marty

John DuVal, April 2011

Courtesy of Pat Maloney

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Last Update:  22 April 2011
Credits:  John DuVal, Jim Gratton, Dale Turnbull, David Koski, Nan Devlin, Pat Maloney, Rick Galarneau

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