Carl, Jim and Bill
Winterwood with Bob Hope
Pullman, Washington


Bill Adsley ~ Guitar
Cathy Allen ~ Vocals
Carl Eckhardt ~ Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
James Hurley ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Winterwood - Photo courtesy of Bill Adsley
Carl Eckhardt, Cathy Allen, Bill Adsley, and Jim Hurley

Today James fronts a blues group and runs stages in the Northwest.  Next show will be Untapped 2003 at the Benton Country Fairgrounds May 10, 2003

James Hurley, April 2003

We were playing a club near the motel where Bob Hope was staying during his Parents Weekend performance at Wazzu.  He was evidently not ready to go to bed, and wanted to do some more dancing.  We got the bar manager to agree to opening up for a set just for Bob Hope and his entourage which included Miss World.  It was not any kind of a "tour" with Hope at all. It was just a one shot happenstance.  It was a memorable moment in our lives.

Bill Adsley, former member of Winterwood, August 2007

The band members in the picture with Bob Hope were me, Jim Hurley and Bill Adsley.  Bob Hope showed up for a Mothers Day Weekend at Pullman and came into the lounge after hours where we were playing that night.  I have this same picture hanging on my wall.

 Carl Eckhardt, August 2007

Winterwood:  Carl Eckhardt vocals, guitar, mandolin Cathy Allen vocals Jim Hurley vocals, bass, and guitar, Bill Adsley vocals, guitar.

We were together for just one year.  At the end of that year, Carl had to do his stint in the Marines, so the group went separate directions.  Cathy and Jim went on to do the Cathy Allen Band or Friends and Lovers.

Bill Adsley, August 2007

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James Hurley, Bill Adsley, Carl Eckhardt
Band # 1207