The Accents - Photo Courtesy of Linda Heide
Vic Bundy (organ), Kathi McDonald (vocals), Pat Jerns (drums), Bill Capp (guitar), Lauri Vitt (sax), Doug Ling (bass) - About late '64 - early '65
The Accents
Later Known As
The Bellingham Accents
Bellingham, Washington
1963 ~ 1965


Vic Bundy ~ Keyboards
Bill Capp ~ Guitar
Pat Jerns ~ Drums
Doug Ling ~ Bass
Kathi McDonald ~ Vocals
George Palmerton ~ Bass
Ron Peterson ~ Vocals
Gary Ramsey ~ Drums
Harvey Redmond ~ Bass
Laurie Vitt ~ Saxophone

Recorded Bacon Fat / Sam Pan

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In Memory of

Kathi McDonald

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Last Update:  4 October 2012
Credits:    Max Waller, Laurie Vitt, Linda Spencer Heide

Band # 208