Top:  Dave Peoples
Bottom:  Tony Goode,  Jonathon Johnson,  Dave (Otis) Williams
The Acoustics
Renton, Washington
1966 ~ 1968


Bill Brimer ~ Vocals
Tony Goode ~ Guitar
Aleeta Johnson ~ Vocals
Jonathon Johnson ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Dan Kopp ~ Bass
Ron Leighton ~ Guitar
Dave Peoples ~ Drums
Dave (Otis) Williams ~ Guitar

After leaving "The Acoustics," Jonathon Johnson (aka Glen back then) went on to play lead roles in the Broadway musical "HAIR."  After a few years with the show, he joined "The New Christy Minstrels," and later recorded some solo records.  Jonathon used a lot of Seattle musicians who are listed on this website in bands such as the Crome Syrcus, Gabriel, Magic Fern and Kidd Africa.  Seattle has always been a great source for creative talent.

Jonathon Johnson, July 2001

Webmaster's Notes:  Jonathon provided a link to a site where you can download and listen to his music and also get information about his book, Good Hair Days, about his days with "Hair."

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Last Update: 10 December 2008
Credits: Jonathon Johnson, Otis Williams
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