The Balloon Farm performing at Shorecrest High School dance 1968  - Courtesy of Richard Evans
Balloon Farm
Seattle, Washington
1965 ~ 1969


  Ernie Dahlgren ~ Guitar, Vocals
Lynn Francis ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jeff Frewalt ~ Guitar
Art Haynes ~ Drums
Jeff Hein ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dan Mallory ~ Bass
Mark Mallory ~
Ross Prince ~ Drums
Steve Stebing ~ Bass

Steve Boyd ~ Manager

In Memory of

Ernie Dahlgren
d:  10 May 2014

I played drums in the Balloon Farm in 1968 and 1969, and stay in touch with Dan Mallory and Lynn Francis.

Ross Prince, December 2007

I am the original bass player of the Ballon Farm.  I was playing bass in the 1968 picture at Shorecrest  High School.  Lynn Francis is the other original member of the band that was in that picture.

We had two lead singers leave the band because of the military draft and I was drafted in 1969 and spent 1970 in Viet Nam.

Other Original members were Ernie Dahlgren-guitar and vocals, Jeff Frewalt-guitar, Art Haynes-drums.

Steve Stebing, November 2013

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Last Update:   26 May 2014
Credits:  Steve Berman, Darryl Riffero, Ross Prince, Richard Evans, Steve Stebing
Band # 0069