Blue Gin
Portland, Oregon
1969 - 1979

Byron Blumenfeld ~ Vocals
Larry Congram ~ Trombone, Saxophone, Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Herdt ~ Drums
George Madrigal ~ Vocals
Danny Osbourne ~ Keyboards
Ron Royse ~ Guitar
Gary Savage ~ Guitar
Bob Sluys ~ Bass
Doug Stroberger ~ Hammond Organ
John Wayland ~ Bass

I played in a version of Portland's "Blue Gin" in 1978-79.  Rick Herdt & Larry Congram (Capt. Midnite) were in that band. We did a Paul Revere and the Raiders tribute show (complete with full costume) and opened for Jan & Dean in an August '79 tour of the NW.

Bob Sluys, January 2011

George Madrigal has continuously performed 50s and 60s music since singing with the Gin.  He sings and plays guitar as a single at such venues as: The Watermelon Festival on the Columbia, The Portland Roadster Show, Class Reunions,  Portlands Yacht Clubs, Sisters Art Festival, Concerts In The Parks, Seattle Car Show and coutless others.

Mary Madrigal, March 2014

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Last Update:  22 March 2015
Credits:  Gary Groce, Ron Royce, Bob Sluys, Mary Madrigal
Band # 2062