International Brick
Seattle, Washington
1966 - 1969


Randy Bennett ~ Bass
Dick Gerber ~ Guitar
Bobby Gladd ~ Guitar
John Keske ~ Bass
Steve Moshier ~ Drums
Karl Peters ~ Drums
Bruce Robertson ~ Vocals
Joe Salisbury ~ Guitar
Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith
John Ussery ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Karl Peters (1944 - 2003)

Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith

After playing with the Impacts, Canterbury Tales, I played lead guitar for the International Brick. I replaced Dick Gerber and was replaced by Bobby Gladd. This I believe was in the latter part of 1968. At that time we had three piece instrumentation - drums guitar and bass.  Anthony "Tiny Tony" Smith ( former singer for the Statics, etc.) was the lead vocalist for the "Brick" back then as well.

Joe Salisbury, November 2008

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Last Update:  11 June 2011
Credits: James Bush, Fuzz, Acid & Flowers, Denny Gore, Bruce Robertson, James McFarlane, Sean Peters, Bobby Gladd, Joe Salisbury, Steve Moshier
Band # 178