Bristol Friends - Photo Courtesy of Gregg Easton Christenson
Bristol Friends
Kennewick, Washington


Bob Bloom ~ Organ
Gregg Easton Christenson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rod Ray ~ Rhythm Guitar
Bill Riedel ~ Bass, Vocals
Dick Dawson ~ Vocals
Dick Jones ~ Drums

The band started when Gregg moved from Seattle to Kennewick. Rod, Bill and Dick Dawson were trying to put a group together but it was slow going.  Gregg joined up with the guys and they added Bob and Dick Jones and the group was formed.

They played out a few times and were well accepted.  They played Beatles, Stones, Animals, Top 40.  They played together about 6 months.

Gregg Easton Christenson, January 2006

Bristol Friends - Article Courtesy of Gregg Easton Christenson

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Last Update: 3 January 2006
Credits: Gregg Easton Christenson
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