The Bunch
Seattle, Washington


Bob Casey ~ Organ, Vocals
Dean Heathcote ~ Drums
Phil Lund ~ Saxophone
Steve Myrwang ~ Bass, Vocals
Joe Salisbury ~ Guitar

Just before the Impacts changed their name to Canterbury Tales, they recorded a demo of two original songs with engineer Kearney Barton.  Feeling there were too many bands called the Impacts, we used the name The Bunch just for the heck of it, since the recording was only a demo and we could rename ourselves later.  This demo was completely forgotten about until about a year ago when it popped up on the Norton Records NW anthology series Stomp, Shout, Work it on Out, songs from the vault of Kearny Barton.

Bob Casey, October 2002

The Bunch is available on the Norton NW Series

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Last Update: 31 March 2013
Credits: Bob Casey, Dean Heathcote
Band # 999