Ed, Cliff, Vicky, Chuck & Terry
Seattle, Washington
 1975 - 1977


Ed Busey ~ Bass, Vocals
Terry Daly ~ Guitar, Vocals
Vicky Daly ~ Vocals, Percussion
Chuck Madden ~ Guitar, Vocals
Greg Morlan ~ Guitar
Cliff ? ~ Drums

In Memory of

Greg Morlan
b: June 1957 -  d. 19 Aug 2013

Represented by "Farwest Entertainment", CHASER traveled as far as Utah and Montana, to perform.  Their many local gigs included "The Ad-Lib", "The Aquarius" and numerous high school proms.  It was their equipment that was damaged by arson at "The Flightline " tavern in Burien.

Ed Busey, March 2002

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Last Update:  30 January 2014
Credits: Ed Busey, Jimm McIver, Andy Volmer, Ryan Collins
Band # 201