The Chessmen
Tri-Cities, Washington


 Buddy Derrick ~ Bass

Others ?  

I was in the Tri-Cities "Chessmen" from the early '60's.  It wasn't until I visited this site that I realized that there were other bands called "The Chessmen".   At that time, we thought we were the one and only.

We just played locally and never really made a big splash anywhere.  I do remember one "Battle of the Bands" in Seattle that we were part of but I don't recall who we battled.

The "Chessmen", was the regular band on KEPR's "Teen Time", a weekly talent show on for half an hour on Tuesday night in the late 50's.  In the early 60's, the building went up in flames and was destroyed. I was scheduled to play at the Kennewick Social Club that night and luckily we hadn't moved our equipment in yet so I suffered no personal loss.

Bud Derrick, April 2007

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Credits:   Bud Derrick
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