Photo Courtesy of Kelsey Seidel
Lewiston, Idaho
1976 ~ Present


Current Lineup

Mike Cannon ~ Guitar
Cody Davis ~ Guitar, Lead Vocals
Wade Ren ~ Bass, Vocals
Kelsey Seidel ~ Drums
Kelly Seidel ~ Steel Guitar, Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin , Vocals

Dale Bennett ~ Drums
Bob Buell ~ Guitar, Vocals
Marcos Dominguez ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ron Dowdy ~ Bass, Vocals
Dan Earheart ~ Drums, Vocals
Jeff Johnson ~ Bass, Vocal
Rick Mendoza ~ Bass, Vocals
Stanny Nedbalski ~ Drums
Dale Peterson ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim Sinner ~ Bass ~ Vocals
Greg Stephens ~ Guitar, Vocals
Edna Stout ~ Guitar Vocals
Dennis Wasson ~ Guitar Vocals
Earl Wear ~ Guitar, Vocals
Collin West ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dick Wickersham ~ Guitar, Vocals
Chris ? ~ Drums

Earl, Jeff
Stanny, Kelly

In Memory of

Collin West
Ron Dowdy
Dennis Wasson
Dennis passed peacefully in his sleep on 23 February 2010

Jeff, Marcos, Kelly, Kelsey, Bob

Ron, Dale, Collin

Coltrain started out back in 1976 around the time I was still with North Star.  It was Collin West, Jim Sinner and Dale Bennett.

Later on Jim was replaced by Ron Dowdy from the Shady Alley Band.  Eventually Kelly Seidel joined, alternating between Coltrain and the Seidel Brothers Band, and I joined replacing Ron on bass in about 1981.

After that Kelly and Collin dropped out and the band folded briefly, then reformed in about 83 with Collin, Dale, myself and Dick Wickersham.

Then Collin left again, replaced by Edna Stout.  Dick left and was replaced by Dennis Wasson, who was then replaced by Bob Buell.

Then Edna left and Kelly Seidel rejoined the band. This band played for a few years until I left to be replaced by Dale Peterson, who was replaced by Rick Mendoza. Then Rick left and I rejoined, along with Earl Wear on lead vocals.

Once again we played for a few years until Bob and Dale left, we then hired Marcos Dominguez and a drummer named Chris who was in so briefly I can’t remember his last name, sorry.  Anyway, they were both replaced by Greg Stephens and Dan Earhart for about a year, then they were replaced by a recently divorced Bob Buell (back for more punishment) and Stanny Nedbalski.

Finally Stanny and Earl left in 2002 to be replaced by Marcos Dominguez and Kelsey Seidel.

We still play around Washington, Idaho and Oregon.  With our history, I think were too confused to quit.

J.W. Johnson, January 2006

Jeff, Bob, Dale
Earl, Kelly

Dale, Dennis, Jeff

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Last Update: 28 December 2011
Credits: Jeff Johnson, Jade Wasson, Kelsey Seidel
Band # 1897