Jack Daniels Southern Comfort Band
Tacoma, Washington
1977 - 1978


Rusty Campbell ~ Guitar
Harold DeRoche ~ Guitar, Vocals
Glen Eagleson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gary Hicker ~ Bass
Jeff Johnson ~ Bass
Jay Munger ~ Guitar
Tony Plastino ~ Fiddle, Vocals
Scott Schwarz ~ Drums
Randy Wheeler ~ Guitar, Vocals


The Jack Daniels Southern Comfort band, a Tacoma southern rock band, was formed in spring of 1977.  Originally known as Sayge, the band changed their name to the Jack Daniels Southern Comfort Band at the suggestion of Dick Noll, the owner of the Lost Knight Club, after one of their gigs at his club.  Playing the local clubs as well as some road gigs, this southern rock band was known for their three-guitar army and solid vocals.  We played covers of southern rock bands along the lines of the Outlaws, Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band and a whole lot of Skynyrd.

Founding members of the Jack Daniels Southern Comfort Band were:

Randy Wheeler, Guitar and vocals
Glen Eagleson, Guitar and Vocals
Harold DeRoche, Guitar and Vocals
Tony Plastino, Fiddle and Vocals
Gary Hicker, Bass
Scott Schwarz, Drums

With the popularity of southern rock in the 70’s, and with the lack of Pacific Northwest southern rock bands, the band's fan base grew steadily throughout 1977 and into 1978.  If you wanted to go out and party to some live southern rock-n-roll, we were the only game in town!

We were the stereotypical 70’s rock band and playing southern rock was all that seemed to matter.  Either rehearsing or gigging we played everyday.  None of us had a real job.  We were poor and skinny and we wore the same (clean) clothes everyday. French Fries and unlimited coffee refills at Denny’s for dinner.

In 1978, the band had several changes in the lineup that included Rusty Campbell (Guitar), Jay Munger (Guitar) and Jeff Johnson (Bass).  By mid-year, because of changes in musical direction of the various members, the Jack Daniels Southern Comfort Band called it quits.

After the break-up

Randy Wheeler played with Pony Express, Led Stetson, and $5 Fine
Glen Eagleson played with No Cheese Please, Tourists, Boinkers, and GE5
Scott Schwarz played with Missouri Freeze
Gary Hicker played with Sanza Tyme and Flock of Geezerz
Harold DeRoche played with Sanza Tyme


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Credits: Gary Hicker, Jack Dolan
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