Crown Jewels
Portland, Oregon
1964 - 1966


Fred Faulkner ~ ?
Jeff Monahan ~ Drums
Dan Ross ~ Bass
Kurt Selvig ~ Guitar
Frank Solari ~ Vocals

In Mermory of

Jeff Monahan

The Crown Jewels played The Tork Club and featured Frank Solari (later of Liquid Blues) on vocals, Dan Ross (later of Sand & John Cougar Mellencamp) on bass, Kurt Selvig (later of Boulevard, Odyssey) on guitar, and the late Jeff Monahan on drums.

We got the gig as a result of my acquaintance with Craig Cathey, lead singer with The Gentlemen Wild.  It was an interesting place to play when we were there - quite large and open.   It was a very cool place to be seen on stage, for sure!  We were also to be seen at all the same places as Band of Angels, The Invaders, The Redcoats, Bent Scepters and The New Yorkers (also known as The Hudson Brothers) and other bands of the time.

The surviving members of The Crown Jewels are about to enjoy their first reunion since early 1966.

Kurt Selvig, Portland, August 2007

The Crown Jewels were together from early 1964 through late 1966, playing grade schools, high schools, many battles-of-the-bands, Cafe Espresso, among others.  Dan Ross (bass) went on to form SAND, Jeff Monohan (drums) was murdered in 1967, Frank Solari (singer) founded and still performs in The Liquid Blues Band.  Chris Salee went to The Styx & Stones, and I went into playing jazz in Boulevard after 20+ years as a solo artist.  Fred Faulkner has been lost to the ages.  Dan is a pedal steel player in my current effort, The ByrdBrains, playing all Byrds, Dylan, and solo efforts by original members, and also works with
longtime friend and associate Doc Wilson in a duo setting in the Portland area.

Kurt Selvig, March 2008

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Last Update:  26 March 2008
Credits:  Kurt Selvig
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