Wynn Haws, Mike Kartz, Steve Sanders, John Horgdal, and Len Beckett
Crystal Tricycle
Blaine, Washington
1966 - Present


Len Beckett ~ Bass, Saxophone, Vocals
Wynn Haws ~ Keyboards, Vocals
John Horgdal ~ Drums, Vocals
Hilary Horgdal ~ Vocals
Steve Sanders ~ Guitar, Vocals

Former Members

Tony Blanks ~
Brad Darley ~ Guitar
Bill Dodd ~ Vocals
Chris Gaudette ~ Keyboards
Jeannie Horgdal ~ Vocals
William Jung ~ Guitar
Mike Kartz ~ Bass
Anna Lynn Wilson

In Memory of

Tony Blanks
Brad Darley
William Jung

The band enjoyed their 37th birthday party on December 30, 2003, after forming the basics of the band in 1966.  Over the years the band has had probably no fewer than 30 members with the originating members being

WYNN HAWS (Jr.) had an old electric Wurlitzer Piano, with built in speakers on the front (right and left sides) to project out into the audience. Wynn's dad was quintessential in our develop as he was the local International Muzak associated and had a ton of Bogan amplifiers, 28 inch horns with drivers and Seeburg juke box speakers systems and all the electrical speaker wire you ever needed. You put it all together with a couple of old high impedance microphones he had laying around and you had the basics of a public address system (yeah, that's right, a PA system).

LEN BECKETT had a Selmer Sax, and an outrageous amplifier with reverb for special effects. Len later bought a Fender Jazz bass guitar and an Ampeg base amp - when he transitioned over to the bass.

JOHN HORGDAL of course received a set of drums from his parents, but soon purchased a set of blonde Ludwig's with dual bases and Zildjian cymbals

STEVE SANDERS had the original Guild guitar, but later purchased a 1968 Fender Telecaster with a Fender Bigsby whammy bar - probably the worst string intonation and sustain of any guitar ever played. A Fender Band-Master amp followed - with a ton of fuzz tones and wah-wah peddles and we were set.

* HILARY HORGDAL (John's daughter) joined the band in late 2002 as a guest vocalist and then as a full time member in 2003.  Hilary brings the top end harmony line (... that range lost by the aging male vocalists in the band), and provides us with the ability to cover some kick butt Grace Slick / Alanis Morrisette tunes.  It's a pleasure having Hilary with us.

Steve Sanders, January 2004

On December 29th, 2007, the band celebrated the 40th year of their founding with a show at the Fairhaven Pub and Martini Bar in Bellingham.  300 seats were full of gracious and appreciative fans who were treated to a spirited performance by the band, who had rehearsed diligently in the preceding weeks.

A great time was had by everyone and the house P A was awesome!  Greg the sound man, a veteran of the Seattle rock scene in the early-to-late 70s shared memories of Child, Shyanne, Bighorn, Stryker, The Allies and others.

We vow to keep on rockin' in anticipation of our next birthday party, always celebrated the weekend after Christmas.

John Horgdal, drums, vocals, arrangements, December 2006

William Jung played with Crystal Tricycle up in Bellingham where we attended school.  I knew Bill very well.

Bill also played in a Seattle country rock band named High in The Saddle from 1975 to 1980.

Carey Tremaine, November 2009

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Credits:  Steve Sanders, Jim Horgdal, John Horgdal, Carey Tremaine
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