Photo Courtesy of Carey Tremaine
High in The Saddle
Seattle, Washington
1975 - 1983


Daryl Dunnegan ~ Drums, Vocals
William Jung ~ Guitar
Dave LeMargee ~ Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Harp, Vocals
John May ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Purcell ~ Bass, Vocals
John Ummel ~ Guitar, Pedal Steel, Fiddle, Vocals

In Memory of

William Jung

William Jung played with Crystal Tricycle up in Bellingham.  I knew Bill very well.  Bill Jung went to Bothell High School, was a fine lead guitar player and great guy.

Bill  played in a Seattle country rock band named High in The Saddle from about 1975 to 1980.  The above band photo was taken in 1979. It does not have Bill in it. He had dropped out, got a day job teaching guitar, married and was preserving sanity by then.

High in the Saddle was a good band that was very active in Seattle area Taverns from about 1975 to 1983. They were part of the local 1970's country rock boom along with the Sky Boys and a few other bands in Seattle.

John Ummell (pictured) played pedal steel and fiddle and after High in the Saddle played with Jerry Andal's band for many years.

Carey Tremaine, November 2009

Bill Jung, John Ummell and Dave LeMargee founded High in the Saddle in 1975, and the band reorganized to the one pictured above in 1978-79.

After the band dissolved, Dave LeMargee opened a music store, The Banjo Emporium, where he formed the new-wave Bluegrass band, Lost in the Mail, which also included “Saddle’s” bass-player, John Purcell. They played all the major Bluegrass Festivals in Washington from 1984-1988 and were repeatedly featured at the Darrington festival.  LeMargee also opened and operated the New Melody Tavern, a club especially designed to showcase acoustic music, from 1983-1993.

Keep up the good work,

Dave LeMargee, January 2010

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