Eskape - 1973 - Photo Courtesy of Mark Nerby
Mark, Kenny H., Orville, Kenny S., Shawn, Atillio
Salem, Oregon
1971 - 1977


Dennis Earhardt ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Green ~ Vocals
Kenny Hughes ~ Harp, Bass, Vocals
Orville Ivie ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Lyda ~ Vocals
Shawn Lyday ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Mark Nerby ~ Drums, Vocals
Atillio Penaciddi ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Ken Steimonts ~ Bass, Vocals
Maitland Ward ~ Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Ken Steimonts

Eskape - Image courtesy of Mark Nerby
1973 - 1974

My name is Mark Nerby.  Love the site!  Looking through it I found a few musicians I played with over the years that went to different bands, such a Big Horn (Seattle), Spectrum (I was in but not in the picture on the site),  I was in many bands back in the late 60s up to mid 70s in the Salem, Oregon, area.

The main band I was in, Eskape, toured the northwest and also to Idaho, Montana and Minnesota, but was based in Salem.   As always, members changed over time, but I was with this particular band from 1971 until 1975 when I decided to give up the road.  I don't have much information after I left the band, but they continued for a couple more years and a some of the guys are still playing weekend gigs.

The top photo is Eskape in about 1972 or 73.  That's me in front with arms crossed. The guy in front of the tree with the white shirt is Kenny Steimonts.  He went on to BigHorn from Eskape.

Mark Nerby, October 2007

Ken Steimonts passed away some years ago.

Atillio Panaciddi is alive and well in Portland Oregon and still plays last I heard.

Arvil (Orville) Ivie was working with Shawn Lyday and Steve Banks and others a few years ago in the Salem area.  Last I heard, Arvil still does duos with local musicians in the Salem area.

I last saw Dennis Earhardt was when he did a gig with my band at the Night Owl (aka Oregon Museum) in Salem, back in the late '80s - if memory serves. God knows where he is now....

Alan DuBois, December 2007

Eskape - Photo Courtesy of Mark Nerby
1971 - 1972
Dennis Earhardt, Orville Ivie, Shawn Lyday, Mark Nerby
Kenny Hughes , Bob Green
Eskape - Photo Courtesy of Mark Nerby

1974 - 1975
Shawn Lyday, Kenny Hughes,  Orville Ivie, Mark Nerby, Bruce Lyda
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Credits:   Mark Nerby, Alan DuBois, Maitland Ward
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