Fast Company - Photo Courtesy of Keith Morris
Fast Company
Seattle, Washington
1969 - 1977


Dan Burdick ~ Drums  (1976)
Becca Lavin ~ Vocals  (1970)
Dan Lowe ~ Drums  (1977)
Keith Morris ~ Hammond Organ
Mike Rust ~ Drums
Gloria Weems ~ Vocals (1976-77)

Keith and Mike had a duo called Fast Company. They started playing together in 1969 and stayed together until March of 1977.  Keith is retired from Boeing and Mike is retired and living in Chehalis.  Mike still works occasionally doing vocals.  Keith plays for his own enjoyment at home.

Keith Morris, December 2002

Over the 8 years we were together we had these folks with us anywhere from 1970 to 1977.   We had one other gal that was a great vocalist.  I can't remember her name but it was probably in 1969.  She was very good, but had bigger ambitions than a basic duo and was only with us for about a month, as I recall.

Keith Morris, October 2008

Mike Rust is now living in Buckeye, AZ.   I'm  Still looking for Bill Franklin, if he’s still alive.

Keith Morris, January 2014

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Credits: Keith Morris
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