The Feelies - Image Courtesy of Gordy Kjellberg
The Feelies in 1968
Wild Bill Hornibrook, Rick "Little Ricky Fondell" Bullard, George "Shakey Roe" O'Brien, Flash Gordy Kjellberg
The Feelies
Seattle, Washington
1968  ~ 1969


Rick Bullard ~ Bass
"Shuga" George Clark ~ Drums
Rick Fondell ~ Bass
Wild Bill Hornibrook ~ Keyboards
Gordy "Flash" Kjellberg ~ Guitar
George "Shakey Roe" O'Brien ~ Drums
Vern Palm ~ Drums

In Memory of

Rick Bullard
Vernon Palm
Paul Buck  d: 10 Dec 2016

We put out three different 45 records and all were on the Jerden label.  This was a fun group and we were like brothers, but some of us had wives and wanted us at home.  Bill and I played in three other bands after the Feelies and they were Cherry Fizz, The Statics with Tiny Tony, then Blue Mountain Eagle.  Rick Bullard was also in Cherry Fizz and so was Bob Holden from Don and the  Goodtimes.  He took George O'Brien's place.

Gordy Kjellberg, April 2011

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Credits: Fuzz Acid & Flowers, Darryl Riffero, Kate Redfern, Steve Hornibrook, George Clark, Gordy Kjellberg
Band # 413