Fruitland Famine Band
Olympia, Washington
1974 ~ 1978


John Adams ~ Bass
Peter Barnes ~ Drums
Suzi Grant ~ Vocals
George Gleason ~ Guitar, Vocals
Alan Mundal ~ Drums
Sal Paradise (Walter Szalwinski) ~ Bass, Vocals
Damon Titus ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals

This band later became The Enemy

Hello I'm musician Sal Paradise (Walter Szalwinski) and I replaced John Adams as bassist in theFruitland Famine Band summer 1975.  I played bass, sang, and travelled throughout the Northwest and Canada with Damon Titus, George Gleason, Suzi Grant,and eventually Peter 'Barnes' Sunstom (1976), until the December 77'/January 78' change to The Enemy.

I composed some tunes for the Famine band, most notably "Pop Tab."

I am currantly an active musician in the CT music scene singing, playing guitar and writing for my trio ROPE and as bassist in The Peacock Flounders. I have been active in CT scene since 1978.

Damon, George, Pete, and Suzi all live in Seattle area still today. In 1980 I booked The Enemy at New Haven's notorious "RON'S Place House of Punk" on the east coast leg of their first national tour.

Sal Paradise, February 2008

It was neat to see some bio on the Famine Band.  I was the original drummer in the band.  During my two years with them we played mostly around the Olympia area and a bit in Seattle.  We practiced at Kaliope.  At the time, I was a student  at Evergreen.

Alan Mundal, April 2012

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Last Update: 29 April 2012
Credits: Brad Beck, Paul Hood, Sal Paradise, Alan Mundal
Band # 557