1970's - 1980's


Steve Andrews ~ Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Tonette Berger ~ Vocals
Matt Carlson ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Composer
Dana Havenner ~ Bass
John O'Connor ~ Drums, Backing Vocals

I had a band in Seattle in the 70-80s.  We named it after a J.Giels Band album, "Fullhouse".  Someone else had a copyright on Full House, so I made it one word.

We played some bars, but more fraternity parties, other college gigs as we were 95% original music.

We recorded at Bob Lang's original Star Tracks Studio in Woodway, as well as a studio behind West Seattle Music.

Matt Carlson, July 2015

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Last Update:  9 July 2015
Credits: Matt Carlson
Band # 3184