Horns O' Plenty Orchestra
Seattle, Washington
About 1974 - 1976


Gene Brewer ~ Trombone
Peter Brown ~ Drums
Dale Carpenter ~ Guitar
Brian Chambers ~ Guitar
Charlie Keagle ~ Saxophone, Director
Jane Lambert ~ Vocals
Reid Merryman ~ String Bass

Others ?

Horn's O' Plenty Orchestra was put together as a back up band for the One Reel Vaudeville Show in about 1974.  The band was organized and directed by Charlie Keagle.  The relationship with the One Reel Vaudeville show came to an end but the band continued for a time playing dances and clubs around the Northwest.

Reid Merryman, September 2010

Peter Brown is still active in the Skagit County.  He plays lots of Country Swing, hooked up with Skagit Community Band, the Skagit  Symphony, and North Cascades big band.  He gets called for gigs around here.

Eve Brown, September 2011

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Last Update:  12 September 2011
Credits:  Reid Merryman, Eve Brown
Band # 2776