Papaya performing at Seattle's Gasworks Park - Photo Courtesy of Reid Merryman
Papaya performing at Seattle's Gasworks Park.
Brian Chambers, Martin Lund and Murl Allan Sanders

Seattle, Washington


Peter Brown ~ Drums
Brian Chambers ~ Electric Guitar
Bob Gronenthal ~ Classical Guitar
Martin Lund ~ Saxophone, Flute
Danny O'Brien ~ Upright Bass
Luis Peralta ~ Drums, Percussion
Murl Allan Sanders ~ Accordion, Hammond B3

In the 70's there was a band in Seattle called Papaya. They played clubs including The Bicycle Club in Pioneer Square.

A self produced album which was quite good  had some regional play. It was recorded at The Music Farm. Players were Martin Lund on sax and flute, who now lives on Orcas Island.  I believe after a career producing in LA and continues to make music with his wife and daughter. Luis Peralta was on percussion and Brian Chambers on electric guitar.

Unfortunately the other player's names are not coming to me at the moment. They were a very good Latin Jazz hybrid dance group who were in fact a bit ahead of their time with some truly fine players.

John C. Strawn, May 2010

Murl, Martin, Danny and Luis are still gigging and rippin' it up in their own way.

Martin Lund, May 2010

Peter Brown is still active in the Skagit County.  He plays lots of Country Swing, hooked up with Skagit Community Band, the Skagit  Symphony, and North Cascades big band.  He gets called for gigs around here.

Eve Brown, September 2011

Brian Chambers (guitar) went on to play lead with The Acoustinauts, then formed a 10-piece band, Rio Skyline, which played all his compositions.  A second version of Rio Skyline had Brian on bass and Samia Panni on vocals, doing Brazilian popular music. Later on he played bass with a couple of African bands, Je Ka Jo and Smell No Taste. He took a break from active playing when he moved to Bainbridge in 2000, but has recently formed a band called Moment's Notice, playing jazz, Latin and original music.

Almost 70 and still going strong!

Brian Chambers, May 2012

Luis Peralta went on to play drums for Dizzy Gillespie.

Carlos Herrera, July 2012

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Last Update:  17 July 2012
Credits:  John C. Strawn, Martin Lund, Reid Merryman, Eve Brown, Brian Chambers, Carlos Herrera
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