Vancouver, Washington
1978 - 1979


Joel Chernick ~ Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Rick Studebaker ~ Drums and Vocals
Martin Ulstein ~ Guitar, Bass and Vocals

Click Here to Listen to a Music Clip of Jupiter (7 Jul 1979)

Rick, Joel & Martin on Break - H&H Inn

Jupiter was a band formed in 1978 by Joel Chernick, Rick Studebaker and Martin Ulstein.  Martin and Joel played guitar,
vocals and traded off on the bass guitar.  The band played hard rock and blues.

The band was formed at a jam during a live concert at Frenchmans Bar on the Columbia River near Vancouver, WA in 1978.  They went on to play bars, clubs, weddings, and many live outdoor concerts and keggars. One highlight was playing for Buds Weeny Roast in Stevens, WA. on 7 July 1979.

Buds Weeny Roast was a 3 day event up in the mountains nears Stevens, WA. There were 27 kegs of beer consumed in one day.
They also roasted a big pig.

One other highlight was playing for a concert at Peoples Park in Berkley, California.  It was next to the University of Berkley
and so a large crowd appeared quickly as soon as people could hear music. There was a large crowd that day of about 700 people.

Jupiter played many times at the old H&H Inn in Vancouver, WA. The H&H Inn was the best club in town to host hard rock, blues and original music. They also had really good food.

Martin played a 1954 Fender Stratocaster and Joel used a Gibson SG guitar, and sometimes palyed a Les Paul.

Martin Ulstein, August 2015

Jupiter at Peoples Park

 Martin Ulstein and Joel Chernick at Buds Weeny Roast, 7 July 1979

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Credits:  Martin Ulstein
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