The Klanzmen - Photo Courtesy of Randy Eastman
The Klanzmen - Photo Courtesy of Randy Eastman
The Klanzmen
Beaverton, Oregon
1965 ~ 1968


Byron Blumenfeld ~ Vocals
Hunt Decker ~ Bass
Randy Eastman ~ Lead Guitar
John "Fingers" Hardy ~ Organ, Keyboards
Bill Harris ~ Saxophone
Rick Heard ~ Drums
Jim Washburn ~ Rhythm Guitar
Dennis Schick ~ Drums

In Memory of

John Hardy

The Klanzmen - Photo Courtesy of Hunt Decker
The Klanzmen - Photo Courtesy of Hunt Decker

We entered the local scene from the Beaverton area.  Played at after game dances "Sockoff's" at both Beaverton and Sunset High Schools and local Battle of the Bands events at Jantzen Beach and the Memorial Coliseum.  Black slacks, white shirts, black ties and a reversible black to red vest, was our dress code. Steps included.

I only have the memories and one newspaper photograph of the band together. I still stay in touch with most everyone that was in the band.

John "Fingers" Hardy was the only band members that continued playing and made his living in the Portland area without ever having a real job.  He played solo for years and also formed a jazz band that played the Benson Hotel and other locations from Lincoln City to Mt. Hood.  John died about six years ago and was my best friend and the most talented.

Hunt Decker, December 2001

The Klanzmen were almost a forgotten memory until I got in touch with Hunt Decker recently.  Hunt was the one who introduced me to John Hardy and the three of us became the core of The Klanzmen.  At times there were eight of us. None of us really had any talent except for John "Fingers" Hardy but boy we put out some good tunes and always got a good reception.  The band regrouped into The Apple Basket Cement Truck eventually as the San Francisco scene came on but as I remember it not enough effort was applied to make it a success.  We wanted to be as good as The New Tweedy Brothers but that took money and that goal wasn't reached.

Fingers was a grand success in later years.  He was a Portland landmark... a really really good musician, able to dazzle you with the most bazaar and melodic riffs off the cuff.  Most of all, he was a good person and a good friend.  We all miss John and will never forget him.

Randy Eastman, March 2003

As I remember it...the band (Dennis, Hunt and I, Byron) first played in my back yard in 1965.  We added Rick Eastman - who was unbelievable talented, Jim Washburn on rhythm guitar, and then found John Hardy (through his sister JoAnn).  Once that number (6) was reached the band did extremely well for a bunch of 14-16 year olds.  Not only did John Hardy go on...God rest his sole, but Byron (myself) pressed on to form another group "Blue Gin" who played through the Northwest for a number of years (although I was forced to leave in 1970)...One of the original members of "Blue Gin" Rick Herdt (drums) is still playing to today as the leader of the "Redcoats" and did release a solo single in the 80's.  My memory's are still quite clear, and although I quit singing, I had a 21 year career as a "DJ" in AM/FM radio and did the "Bar scene" until 1997 playing 1960/70 rock and country in Montana/Guam/South Dakota/California as a member of the United States Air Force (30 years).  My only regret is that The Klanzmen didn't stay together longer...I truly think we would be more than a splash in history.

Byron Blumenfeld, February 2007
Chief Master Sergeant Retired (USAF)

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Credits:  Hunt Decker, Randy Eastman, Byron Blumenfeld
Band # 673