The Minute Men
Estacata, Oregon
1966 - 1968


Randy Davenport ~ Guitar
Blaine "Dennis" Moody ~ Guitar
Paul Smith ~ Accordian
Buddy Wallain ~ Drums

Others ?

I played in a band called the "Minute Men" in the 7th and 8th grade at Estacada Junior High.  Blaine Moody (Seafood Mama) played guitar, Buddy Wallain played drums, Randy Davenport played guitar, and I played keyboard (accordion)... Yes, amplified accordion.  We did songs such as "Devil with the Blue Dress", House of the Rising Sun (who didn't back then) and Beatles tunes.  This would have been 1966-68.

Does anyone know where these band members might be now?

Paul E. Smith, April 2008

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