Ontario, Oregon
1968 - 1969


Penn Gheen ~ Lead Vocals
David Grigg ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Lance Hartley ~ Bass
Kim Humphreys ~ Drums
John Uyemura ~ Lead Guitar

In Memory of

Lance Hartley
John Uyemura

Some friends of ours at Ontario High put together a band in 1968 called the MYND.  Lance passed away several years ago after a battle with cancer, and John died earlier this year after a massive heart attack, at the age of 50.  I contacted John about two years ago, and we both agreed we should get together and jam a bit, which sadly never happened.  John was a Professor at Georgia Tech... Computers and fiber-optics, I'm tellin' ya, the guy was a rocket scientist!

Rod Nichols, December 2003

I was the drummer for the band 68/69. THis listing brought back a flood of great memories.  Wish I could go back and do it all again! I am so sorry about Lance and John. They were such wonderful guys and so much fun to be around. We shared some great times together. I find since I discovered this web listing (totally by accident) that I need to reconnect with as many old friends as possible.  I lost contact with nearly all of them when I started working to eek out a living.

Kim Humphreys, November 2008

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Last Update: 4 December 2011
Credits: Rod Nichols, Kim Humphreys
Band # 1403