Puzzle - Photo Courtesy of Monte von Struck
AKA:  Bill Felderman Band
Portland, Oregon
1980 - 1983


Mark Bosnian ~ Keyboards
Rick Edwards ~ Bass
Bill Feldman ~ Guitar, Vocals
Gary Fontain ~
Phil Smith ~
Ron Stephens ~ Drums, Guitar
Calvin Walker ~ Drums

The original 80-83 'Puzzle' included Ron Stephens and Rick Edwards, also of the Distractions.

Mark Bosnian was from the 'Burnside Bombers' 79-80.  After Puzzle, he played with "Nu Shuz' and a soul group called 'Salmon Dave'.

Calvin Walker was from 'Cruise Control'.

Puzzle toured heavy in the NW and came very close to a major deal with Warner Bros., just before their final break up.

Monte von Struck, September 2006

Puzzle started out as The Bill Feldmann Band when Bill was released from Johnny and The Distractions.  Mark Bosnian's piano contribution to the demos of Bill's songs  "Lyin' To Me" and "I Won't Give It Up" led to an invitation to join Bill, Ron Stephens (drums) and Rick Edwards (bass). After several months Stephens switched to guitar and Calvin Walker won the auditions for the drum spot. The band had three singer/songwriters (Feldmann, Bosnian and Stephens) which was both it's greatest strength and greatest weakness.

Manager Monte Struck instigated the re-recording of the 60's Left Banke hit "Walk Away Renee". The Puzzle recording featured the Philadelphia String Quartet and saxophonist Randy Skaggs (it also featured the wrong lyrics in the 1st verse!). It received minimal airplay, and the other songs from the sessions - Feldmann's "You Own Me" and Stephens' "All  The Love"  - though completed, were never released

The failure of the single, diverging musical aspirations and strong personalities of the three singers led to Edwards and Stephens departing. Gary Fontain (Nu Shooz) and Rick Smith were recruited for one last go and extensive northwest club touring before the band dissolved.

Ron Stephens, July 2008

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:   Hank Rasco and The Wasted Rangers, Johnny and The Distractions, Burnside Bombers, New Shooz, Cruise Control, Salmon Dave, and many other Northwest bands.

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Credits:  Monte von Struck, Phil Smith, Ron Stephens
 Band # 2044