Quints at the Wooden Shoe - Photo Courtesy of Steve Hanan
The Quints at The Wooden Shoe
Dillon, Florin, Ron, Steve
The Quints
Portland, Oregon
1965 - 1968


Ron Able ~ Vocals
Jerry Dill ~ Keyboards
Florin Eubanks ~ Bass
Steve Hanan ~ Drums
Jim Lund ~ Lead Guitar
Don MacFadden ~ Keyboards
Roy Van Broekhuizen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mike Young ~ Drums


Practice, practice, practice!
Dill in center, Ron in back, Florin in foreground, Jim Lund on right (Steve was taking the picture)

My name is Steve Hanan and I played with the Quints from the summer of 1966 through Nov of 1967 and was the drummer.  Florin Eubanks played Bass, Jim Lund Played Lead Guitar, Ron Able was the lead singer but I cant recall the Keyboard player's name.

The Quints was one of the more popular late 60’ rock bands and I'm not sure how long they were together before Jim and I joined the group on 66.

Some of the placed we played most often were:  The Headless Horseman; The Wooden Shoe; The Crystal Ballroom; The silver Skate and we were the opening warm up band for “The Grass Roots” playing at the Neighbors of Woodcraft Hall back in 66.

I've been trying to locate Florin and Ron and haven't had a lot of luck.  Can anyone help put me in touch with them?  If so, please contact the "Web Slave" at webmaster @ pnwbands.com

Steve Hanan, August 2007

Jim’s hand on Lead Guitar, Dill, Florin and Ron

Jim Lund, Dill, Florin

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Credits:   Steve Hanan, Roy Van Broekhuizen, Steve Beigh, Mike Young

Band #  2283