Robert Cray Band
Eugene, Oregon
1974 - Present


Peter Boe ~ Keyboards
Al Chez ~ Trumpet
Richard Cousins ~ Bass
Robert Cray ~ Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Hayes ~ Drums
Wayne Jackson ~ Trumpet
Tim Kaihatsu ~ Guitar
Andrew Love ~ Saxophone
Ed Manion ~ Saxophone
Rocky Manzanares ~ Harp
Tom Murphy ~ Drums
David Olson ~ Drums
Mark Pender ~ Trumpet
Jimmy Pugh ~ Keyboards
Warren Rand ~ Alto Saxophone
Curtis Salgado ~ Harp
Carl Sevareid ~ Bass
David Stewart ~ Keyboards
Mike Vannice ~ Tenor Saxophone, Keyboards
Dover Weinberg ~ Keyboards


Todd Ackley ~ Merchandise
Dave Draper ~ Tour Manager
Gary Newell ~ Front of House Sound
Steve Selid ~ Production Manager, Monitor Engineer
Bob White ~ Keyboard Technician
Robbie Zuuring ~ Lighting Designer

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