Marlene, Roni, Steve, Allyson
Roni Lee Group
Seattle, Washington
1977 -1981
And Back Together


Mike Aleksich ~ Drums
Steve Buffington ~ Guitar
Allyson Laukanen (Hood) ~ Bass, Vocals
Roni Lee ~ Guitar, Lead Singer
Marlene Peterson ~ Drums
Rick Randle ~ Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Taylor ~ Drums
  Jessie Williams ~
Polly ~ Backing Vocals
Terri ~ Backing Vocals


Cindy Carr (Rankin)  - Roadie

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In Memory of

Mike Alekisch

Allyson Hood - Photo Courtesy of Gene GabelAllyson Hood - Photo Courtesy of Gene Gabel
Allyson Hood (Laukanen)

Ronnie Lee - Photo Courtesy of Gene Gabel
Roni Lee

Hey Roni, do you remember the day Striker creamed the Roni Lee Band in a extensive water balloon fight at State Line Idaho?  hahahaha!!  Those were they days, yes they were. You flat rocked the house those nights over there!  Thanks for the memories!

Rick Troppman, Bass, Striker

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Last Update:   15 April 2017
Credits:  Tom Cunningham, Allyson Hood, Gene Gabel, Ronnie Lee, Rick Troppman, Cindy Carr (Rankin)

Band # 772