United Travel Service- Photo 'borrowed' from UTS.
United Travel Service
Portland, Oregon
1967 - 1970


Steve Bennett ~ Guitar
John Carter ~ 12-String
Ray Doern ~ Bass
Ben Hoff ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Reeves ~ 12-String
Jim Roberts ~ Bass
Dale Sweetland ~ Drums

In Memory of

John Carter

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I was the drummer in the UTS and core member, my name is Dale Sweetland.  The core members were Ben Hoff, John Reeves, and Dale Sweetland.  We used a few different bass players.  Ray Doern was the primary.  Jim Roberts played bass on Gypsy Eyes, and Ben played bass on Echo of You. 

Jim Roberts  was a guitar player from Minnesota who we met at OSU, but we needed a bass player at the time.  John Reeves and I met in 1967 and that was the beginning of the band.  He was from San Jose and used to see all the SF rock bands around the area, so they were actually a big influence on our sound.

I don't remember the actual end, but it must have been around 69, or 70 as I left to go on the road in 71 with a road band out of Portland.  At the same time I was with UTS I played with Sunday Morning , Madrid and the Counts, and filled in part time for Aesop and the Fables.

Dale Sweetland, June 2008

This was a band that had several national releases back in the 60’s mainly consisting of protest psychadelic music and long jams, we did college concerts up and down the west coast,the band consisted of Ben Hoff,guitar and vocals, John Reeves 12 string guitar, Ray Doern,bass, and Dale Sweetland, drums.

The band originated in Portland, OR, and did several concerts on the West Coast, including one with The Doors.

From the UTS page at Last.FM, June 2008

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Credits: Michael S. Roth, Dale Sweetland, Dale Turnbull
Band # 1605