Wolf Tucker
AKA: Cirrilean Blue
AKA:  Trike
Pullman/Everett, Washington
1968 -1971



Doug Crabtree ~ Guitar, Vocals
Keith Crowell ~ Bass, Vocals
Bret Lee Orton ~ Lead Guitar
Jeff Schaller ~ Drums
Tad Suckling ~ 12-String, Vocals


1970 - 1971

Gary Bryan ~ Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Brian Davidson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Dave Gallwey ~ Vocals
J.D. Hoskins ~ Harp, Percussion
David McLaughlin ~ Drums
David Nelson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Williams ~ Bass

In Memory of

Brian Davidson

The band was started by five Washington State University students, and with the name Cirrilean Blue, who lived and played gigs in the Seaside/Cannon Beach, Oregon area during the summer of '68.  The band renamed itself Wolf Tucker (after Doug saw it on a sign in front of a small store) with the departure of Tad and continued playing a range of psychedelic hits, with accentuation on The Doors, Cream, Blue Cheer, and then later more blues rock-oriented material. For a time after the departure of Doug and Bret and addition of Dave Nelson the band went by the name "Trike" just before Dave Gallwey was added, and then went back to Wolf Tucker after Dave Nelson left to become the keyboardist for Applejack. In the last phase the one remaining original member, Jeff, moved to Everett with the two Brians for the last few months of the band's life.

There were at least two other Wolf Tucker bands after the original band folded.  The first bass player after Keith (name forgotten) was in a Wolf Tucker band based in Western WA.   Sam Pemberton, a fellow dormie of Dave Nelson and friend of the band, was in another Wolf Tucker band based in Tacoma, WA from 1973-75.

Jeff Schaller, March 2007

Gary Bryan, who kept the band working in Everett booking the gigs, writing songs, making plans to record, and desperately trying to keep Brian Davidson on track, he was such an unusually talented / troubled  young man.

There was actually another Wolf Tucker band that played the last few gigs that Gary had booked before Brian Davidson's untimely overdose. Gary Bryan switched to guitar, Rick Williams played Bass, David McLaughlin played drums, and  J  D Hoskins played harp and percussion.  There were other guests, a guitarist from the bay area, another local guitarist, and a B3 player, but their names escape me.  Gary worked hard at it, before giving up to become a disc jockey.

J.D. Hoskins, February 2010

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Last Update:  3 January 2014
Credits: Jeff Schaller, J.D. Hoskins, Tad Suckling
Band #  2187