Photo Courtesy of Christopher Freeman
Seattle, Washington
1983 - 1986


Andrew Davenhall ~ Drums
Christopher Freeman ~ Bass, Vocals
Christian Fulghum ~ Guitar, Vocals
Ty Hansen ~ Percussion, Vocals
Sandi Miller ~ Guitar, Vocals
Sally Schlosstein ~ Vocals
Marcus Whiting ~ Keyboards, Vocals

My name is Chris Freeman and I was a founding member/bassist for Attachments in Seattle from '83 - '85. In the above photo I'm the tall one in the back with the skunk hair and smirk.  We were also on the KYYX cassette, Local Heros and New Faces  and also on the first Chrismas in the Northwest compilation (track 10).

Andy Davenhall and Christian Fulghum went on to form Sister Psychic.  Fulghum can be reached at his new label, Fin Records: or at Facebook.  I became a founding member of Pansy Division in '91.

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Altogether, we released:

'83 - EP

'84 - single:  A Little Time/How Do You Feel About Me

'85 - LP

'85 - single:  Do You Hear What I Hear/Masques

I just found a copy of a demo LP by Attachments which totally rocks.

The songs are: WHY DON'T YOU COME BACK AND SEE ME ALL I NEED FROM YOU HAD TO BRIDGE A GAP RED LINES.  It was produced by ATTACHMENTS and Rob Perkins, engineered by Terry Gottlieb and mixed by Rob Perkins.

I really like this record and I am developing a band and am probably in their age group.  I tried to lookup the band members, but had no luck finding any of them.  If any of you members see this, please contact me

Christopher Clow,  cosmocasablanca at, July 2007

I auditioned for Albro Swift in October '82 and met Sally Schlosstein and Marcus Whiting who were in the band. The band broke up that night and I suggested that Sally and Marcus team up with Fulghum, Miller and myself, which we ended up doing.

It was a bit of a Fleetwood Mac situation as Sally and Marcus ended up as a couple, and Fulghum/Miller were already a couple.

We had Ty Hansen playing drums in Attachments for the first year or so. He had been in the Rockefellers with bassist Jonathan Poneman (later co-founder of Sub Pop) before that.

Ty left in mid-'84 and we found Andy Davenhall who had just relocated to Seattle from Poughkeepsie, NY

Christopher Freeman, January 2013

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: The Albro Swift Band, Huston Control, Squirrels, Panzy Division, and many others NW bands.

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Credits:   Marcus Whitting, Christopher Clow, Christopher Freeman
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