The Squirrels
Seattle, Washington
1984 - Present


Jon Auer ~ Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Carroll ~ Lead Guitar
Kurt Bloch ~ Guitar
James Cookman ~ Drums
Kevin Crosby ~ 5-String Bass
Andy Davenhall ~ Drums
Eric Erickson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Craig Ferguson ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Guinn ~ Drums
Tad Hutchison ~ Drums
Nate Johnson ~ Drums
Joey Kline ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bill Larsen ~ Guitar
Bruce Laven ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Scott McCaughey ~ Bass, Vocals
Rob Morgan ~ Vocals
Tom Morrison ~ Keyboards
Mike Musburger ~ Drums
Jon Nay ~ Drums
Mark Nichols ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Don Pawlak ~ Pedal Steel
Crispi & Riki ~ Vocals
Jimbo Sangster ~ Lead Guitar
Ken Stringfellow ~ Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Thomas ~ Guitar
Tom Vail ~ Saxophone, Vocals

J. STOTLER & T.J. HANIFY- Squirrels Security

In Memory of

Eric Erickson

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of The The Squirrels include: The Fishsticks, The Frazz, Sorcerers Apprentice, Attachments,The Fastbacks, Miles from Chicago, The Pudz, Pamona Boners, and many others NW bands.

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