Shoreline, Washington
1969 ~ 1971


Larry Culp ~ Guitar
Steve Fearey ~ Vocals
Larry Foster ~ Drums
Mark Hammond ~ Saxophone
Win Kutz ~ Bass
Jeff Lundmark ~ Hammond Organ
Joe Magee ~ Trumpet
Dave Moore ~ Keyboards
Steve Morgan ~ Bass
Ken Stoner ~ Drums
Ron Tracy ~ Trumpet

HARBOUR formed from Trane in late '69 and stayed together until 1971.  HARBOUR was a seven-piece band that covered most of Washington playing the majority of the regional high schools and dance halls plus gigs in the Vancouver, BC area.  The band's base was Shoreline, so they played Parkers quite a bit.  HARBOUR was with Neal and Merrilee Rush's booking agency, Entertainment Authority (E.A.).

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Last Update:  18 November 2006
Credits: Steve Fearey, Win Kutz, Ken Stoner, Joseph Magee, Joe Cox
Band # 265