Shoreline, Washington
1967 ~ 1969


Steve Fearey ~ Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Gardner ~ Guitar
Win Kutz ~ Bass
Jeff Lundmark ~ Hammond Organ
Mike Martin ~ Organ
Jim Smith ~ Guitar
Ken Stoner ~ Drums

Steve Fearey, Chuck Gardner, Ken Stoner, Jeff Lundmark, Jim Smith and Win Kutz

Trane began in late 1967.  Trane was gathering of local boys from the Shoreline area, mainly from two high schools,Shoreline and Woodway.  Our first public performace was at a Shoreline high talent show.  We did the long version of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida plus a couple others I can't recall.  From there we started playing the local high school dances and made an appearance at Pat O Day's Teen Fair that summer.  We also opened for "Bread" at Odea High in Seattle.  Trane eventually became "Harbour" with the addition of a horn section.

Steve Fearey, May 2002

I enjoyed you guys a lot!  It seems like ages ago.

Marla Cysewski , August 1967
Shorecrest High School Class of 1971

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Last Update:  21 August 2007
Credits: Steve Fearey, Win Kutz, Ken Stoner, Marla Cysewski
Band # 202