Hard Times
Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1982


Shorty Adamson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Norris Bacho ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Chuck Buser ~ Bass, Vocals
Steve Cavanaugh ~ Guitar, Vocals
Sean Denton ~ Guitar, Vocals
Red Elder ~ Drums, Vocals
Phil Emerson ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Pat Miller ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick "Mandonna" Mutter ~ Keyboards
John Storey ~ Drums

Hardtimes started in 1974 out of a group of folks who worked at Joe Farmer Music in Burien, Washington.  They played a lot of high school gigs, and ended up playing at the Paramount for the KZOK Summer Thank You Concert series.  I left after six years and the band kept going into the early '80's before they expired.

Steve Cavanaugh, November 2002

Sean Denton was a late addition but was one of the best vocalists for the band to date. He also played guitar. He later on started the band the Pop Mechanix.

Lucette Pearson, April 2003

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Last Update:  8 February 2009
Credits:  Steve Cavanaugh, Lucette Pearson, Norris Bacho
Band # 1042