Bottom Line
Seattle-Bellevue, Washington
1980 - 1990


Steve Aspiras ~ Bari/Alto Saxophone, Percussion
Leonard Berman ~ Guitar, Vocals
Barbara Bryant ~ Lead Vocals
Jeff Cohen ~ Trumpet
Noile Davol ~ Lead Vocals
Ted Divina ~ Keyboards
Red Elder ~ Drums
Terry Filarca-Aspiras ~ Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Richie LaDay ~ Lead Vocals
Bobby Smith ~ Lead Vocals
Scott Smalls ~ Drums
Ben Tabayoyon ~ Lead Vocals
Matt Vining ~ Drums
Doris Visaya ~ Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Vince Visaya  ~  Bass, Backing Vocals

Bottom Line stayed together for close to ten years and has played all the Northwest festivals and corporate gigs.  Members included Vince Visaya , Doris Visaya, Ted Divina, Leonard Berman, Terry Filarca-Aspiras,Steve Aspiras, Barbara Bryant, Bobby Smith, Red Elder, Matt Vining, Nolie Davol and  Richie LaDay.

Steve Aspiras, February 2009

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Tamaraw, Epics, Onyx, Doctor Funk, Hard Times, Backward Door, The Pastels, Rock n Souls, and many other NW groups.

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Last Update:  4 April 2012
Credits:  Steve Aspiras
 Band # 2545