Darryl, Larry, Bob
Olympia, Washington


Darryl F. Riffero ~ Bass, Vocals
Larry Steffler ~ Drums, Vocals
Bob Walker ~ Guitar

Darryl, Larry, Bob

Darryl, Bob, Larry

Darryl, Larry, Bob

Larry, Bob, Darryl

We recorded an album's worth of songs, including some Steve Miller Band tunes.  During the band's short history, we also played a concert at the Eagles Club in Olympia.

Bob served his country with the US Marine Corps.  Larry served with the US Army.

Darryl was currently performing with the Lee Franklin Express along with Larry Streffler.

Darryl F. Riffero, January 2011

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Last Update:  15 November 2011
Credits:  Darryl Riffero, Larry Steffler
Band # 2827