Larry Parypa, Bill Cleland, Bobby "Keyes" Hausenbuiller
Bellevue-Olympia, Washington
2000 - 2005


Bill Cleland ~ Bass, Vocals
Bill Dean ~ Drums
Bobby "Keyes" Hausenbuiller ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Larry Parypa ~ Guitar, Vocals

Alumni Members

Gale Bass ~ Vocals
Jack Zaran ~ Drums


Brady Anderson ~ Guitar
Butch Hannukaine ~ Keyboards
Dave Leonard ~ Guitar, Vocals
Scott Morris ~ Drums
Gary Parmenter ~ Drums
Flo Schandl ~ Vocals
Dave Seibert ~ Guitar

Bill Dean at MM2K5 - Forks Family Festival
Scott Morris - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cleland
Scott Morris
Save Seibert - Photo Courtesy of Bill Cleland
Dave Seibert

Flo Schandle

Bill Cleland, Dave Leonard

Bill Dean, Flo Schandl, Bill Cleland, Larry Parypa, Bobby "Keyes" Hausenbuiller

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Sonics, Statesmen, Christian, Charlie and The Tunas, The Crestliners, Rock n Roll Jones, Diamonds Vocal Band, The Newmans, Rimfire, The Regents, Wakefield ManorDave & The GoodTimes, The Rustics, The Trojans,The Concepts, Fat Chance, Freelance, Vanguards, What's New, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 19 December 2010
Credits: Bill Dean, Bill Cleland, Bobby "Keyes" Hausenbuiller, Larry Parypa
Band # 1392