The MerCury Cruisers in 1985  -  Photo Courtesy of Rich Budinich
Ed, Wayne, Rich, Bruce
The MerCury Cruisers
Burien, Washington
1983 - 2002


*Rich Budinich ~ Drums, Percussion, Vocals
*Wayne Browne ~ Bass, Vocals
*Bruce Deen ~ Guitar, Vocals
Stan Eichwald ~ Keyboards
Ed Kion ~ Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Harp, Vocals
Barry Kennelly ~ Guitar, Vocals
*John Koschnick ~ Guitar
Dave McGarry ~ Guitar
Bill Rispoli ~ Guitar, Vocals

Sheri Zanger ~ Contracts, Promotion, Concessions

* Founding Member

In Memory of

Rich Budinich  d:  11 July 2015
Bruce Deen   d:  14 May 2016

Bill, Wayne, Rich, Ed in 1985

For nearly 20 years, The MerCury Cruisers provided their ‘style’ of classic rock covers, mixed with their unique personalities, all of which found favor among those who followed the band. They played on so many stages in the pacific northwest, many which are memories as well, including  the Hunan Chef; Marlene’s Galaxy; Tony Go’s (later to become Kathy’s); The Porterhouse; La Playa; Hunan Wok; Boojum Tree Lounge (Doubletree Inn). They also played for numerous local and civic events including many years at The Puyallup Fair; The Seafair Pirates Landing at Alki Beach; and too many other events to recollect.

MerCury Cruisers at the Hunan Chef - 1995

The band evolved from a neighborhood garage band in West Seattle which rehearsed for what seemed like years in the hopes of getting a gig, to a very popular draw which booked 48 to 50 weekends per year for most of the years they were together.

The MerCury Cruisers came from the ashes of many 1970’s local area bands such as “The Bud-E-Browne Band”; “Subway”; “The South End Music Company”, “Papa Jam”; “Noah”, and “Coyote Creek”,  just to name a few.

Rich, Wayne, Ed & Bill in 1997

The MerCury Cruisers officially formed in 1983, playing predominantly 1950’s rock covers, as the band name would indicate. As the members changed, so too did the musical genre. The band played many different cover tunes, all arranged to bring folks out on the dance floor- and did we all dance! If the choice of tunes didn't provide that desired result, they were re-tempoed, rearranged, or just thrown out... a formula that worked well for the band.

Stan, Barry, Rich and Wayne in 1999

In 1992, the band entered Ironwood Studios to record their only studio project. The cassette (yes, cassette) was entitled, “We Used To Play Top 40, Now We Are!” It turned out to be a very popular product which sold ‘a few’ copies over the years.


Bill, Rich, Wayne Bruce in 2000

The group disbanded in 1998. They re-grouped in 1999 and again in 2000-2002, but it was time to hang it up. For those many devoted friends who followed the band for years- those of you who still have your “MerCury Cruiser” Tee shirts, water bottles, frisbees, and cassette tapes - we thank you!

It was the best of times.

Rich Budinich was a member of "Boomerang" and freelanced with many other local bands and recording projects.

"Ed Kion is currently a member of The Evin Rudes

Bill Rispoli is currently a member of "Raucous"

Rich Budinich, July 2003 & May 2005

* Rich Budinich: 1983-1998 & 2000 - 2002
* Wayne Browne: 1983-1998 & 2000 - 2002
* Bruce Deen: 1983 - 1989 & 2000 - 2002
* John Koschnick: 1983 -1985
Ed Kion: 1985-1998
Bill Rispoli: 1989 - 1998 & 2000 - 2002
Barry Kennelly: 1998 - 1999
Dave McGarry: 1998 - 1999
Stan Eichwald: 1998 - 1999
Sheri Zanger: 1985 - 1998

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: The Bones, The Bud-E-Browne Band; Subway; The South End Music Company, Papa Jam; Noah, Coyote Creek, Bean Berry Delights, Los Orchids and the Valley Girls and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 15 April 2017
Credits: Rich Budinich, Jim, Moore
Band # 1280