Misfits - Photo Courtesy of Bill Donley
Steve, Bill, John, Jeff
Pullman, Washington
1963 - 1966


Jeff Broom ~ Guitar
Bill Donley ~ Guitar
John Walters ~ Bass
Steve Ward ~ Drums

The Misfits played at Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, Washington from 1963 to 1966.  The members were Steve Ward, drums, Bill Donley, lead guitar, John Walters, bass, and Jeff Broom, rhythm guitar.

The band played for local fraternities and sororities as well as clubs such as Casey's in Lewiston, The Natatorium in Walla Walla, and the Alley in Moscow.  The band played in venues from Seattle to Grangeville, Idaho.  After Bill graduated from WSU in 1966, he went to Panama City, Florida, where he played with the Tripper's at Adler's Supper Club on Panama City Beach, Florida.  That was well before the MTV spring break became famous.

Today, Bill Donley is a counselor at Spokane Community College and plays with a group called Diminishing Faculties.  Jeff Broom has retired to his {and Bill's} hometown of Waitsburg, Washington.  John Walters was last known to be with KIRO TV in Seattle, and Steve Ward is teaching in Spokane, Washington.

Steve took the next picture of Jeff, Bill and John as they sang an acapella song at a fraternity party in Pullman.

Bill Donley, October 2002

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Last Update: 5 February 2013
Credits:  Bill Donley

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